Massage of reflexogenic zones allows to keep good health and physical form.

Many thousand years ago, Eastern healers discovered the energy flow in the human body, which is unhindered and harmoniously provides health and vitality to man.

On the basis of these discoveries various health problems were solved. And nowadays, the effectiveness of this special massage technique is confirmed by the studies of physicians and long-term observations, which repeatedly stated strikingly successful results.

Now reflexotherapy, which is based on foot massage, can be combined with a general back massage, warm stones and other massages, peeling before and during the massage, using appropriate cosmetics to contribute to the improvement of skin condition.

Since it is important to achieve maximum effect in a short period of time in a rush of life, this therapy can be combined with, for example, a wrapping procedure during which cellulite is treated, stretches are removed and the elasticity of the body is improved.

Reflexotherapy is based on the fact that the human foot as a miniature map of the body, on which the healing channels of all body systems are located.

This neurological connection, which exists between the foot areas and the internal organs, makes it possible, through the end of the foot nerves, to cause reflexive work with the help of massage movements – to create a positive stimulating effect on the corresponding part of the body.

Since each reflective point on the foot corresponds to a certain organ or gland, the massage process is facilitated by an involuntary or reflective reaction to the energy flow, which the masseur consciously creates by influencing the end of the nerves of the foot.

For the effectiveness of the method, we must thank our nervous system, which connects all parts of the body with the corresponding points on the feet. In our feet we carry the key to all health problems! At the same time, the idea of reflexotherapy is based on the idea of freeing and promoting the ability of the body to heal itself and to treat the person in general, not only individual organs.

Reflexology will serve to create a positive mood for people of all ages in the current turmoil of life, because the body’s ability to fight diseases is reduced as a result of long-term stress.

Since foot reflexology is mainly a relaxation technique, it effectively relieves stress, improves the emotional state of the person, reduces tension and restores energy balance in the respective parts of the body, it promotes general well-being, quality of sleep, eliminates fatigue and improves brain function.

Along with the psychoemotional effect, reflexology improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the low-active parts of the body, helps to eliminate toxins and toxins, cleans the body and stimulates rejuvenation processes.

Reflexology is an excellent addition to any medical method or therapy, as a result of which the body restores energy balance and inner harmony in a very natural way. This course of therapy is particularly recommended for backaches and stress-related headaches. Also, digestive disorders are most often treated more effectively and reliably with reflexology than with medication.

Since the normal condition of the bones and ligaments of the feet affects the musculoskeletal system in general, reflexology also performs manual correction of the feet, eliminating bone displacement, imbalance of ligaments and tendons in the feet, which is usually evidenced by pain in the feet, tired leg syndrome, spasm, swelling and numbness.

At Mekiki Creates, we believe in annual correction results in the renewal of the normal condition of the foot bones and the release of depressed nerves. During the procedure, the client feels deeply relaxed, often plunging into a relaxing sleep!