Foot and foot massage is an incomparable pleasure that not only relieves foot fatigue, tones the muscles of the legs and the whole body, but also provides a unique relaxing treatment.

Indeed, foot massage is a very pleasant action that leads to the rebirth, if not of the whole body, then at least the strength as a whole. How to make it to a loved one at home and how to massage the legs and feet to yourself.

The benefits of foot and foot massage

Foot and foot massage is slightly different from, say, back massage. The difference is that foot and foot massage stimulates not only the muscles themselves, which have to be influenced, but also has a beneficial effect on the entire body. And the reason for this is a huge number of reflex points, which are responsible for the state of the body as a whole.

So, for example, in the arch of the foot a huge concentration of points, which in modern reflexotherapy correlate with the spine. Therefore, stimulation of this foot area will help to relieve back pain, will bring general relief to the body.

Stimulation of toes has a beneficial effect on eyes, ears, teeth, gums and sinuses. Do you remember how, as a child, when you had a cold, grandmother rubbed your feet with vodka, and especially every toe, after which the next morning the cold retreated, your nose began to breathe more freely, and your eyes stopped crying?

On the points located on the soles of the foot, you can write a whole talmud – there are points that correspond to the internal organs, general health and even the mood of the person. Active influence on these points leads to the improvement of overall health and relieve various pains.

How do you massage your loved ones feet and legs?

First of all, put under the knee part of the partner’s pillow, or rolled up plaid – when exposed to muscles, the partner should not feel unpleasant pain from the fact that the bones of his feet or legs rest against the hard surface of the floor (if the massage is performed at home).

Remember that in order for the massage to be beneficial and enjoyable for the partner, it is important not only to know how to do it, but also to create an appropriate atmosphere.

The room should be comfortable for the body temperature. So that while you massage one leg and foot, the other leg does not feel chills (and the legs are cooled down first), cover it with a terry towel.

If you are doing a relaxation massage, use oils with a pleasant aroma.

The aroma effect will also play a role in the overall relaxation effect. If you are massaging to relieve pain, leg heaviness, you can use warming creams such as Fastum Gel for the massage.

So, let’s start the massage. Take the vault of the foot in one palm, and the second palm actively rub the foot. You can alternate between the movements of the palm and the phalanges of your fingers. After warming up, massage each toe separately from the nail to the base of the toe. Massaging movements are performed with fingertips.

Then, after locking the foot with one hand, massaging the soles of the foot with the other hand with your thumb. Where the skin is coarser, the pressure should be stronger and where it is gentle, the force applied should be proportionately less. During such a point massage, special attention should be paid to the heel area – the skin there is usually thicker, so the effort should be maximum.

After that we move on to the Achilles part of the foot. Grasp the tendon on one side with your thumb and on the other side with four fingers and start massaging up and down. Next, make circular movements around the bones.

In the next step, take the foot with one hand and the other with the foot at the base of the ankle and spin the foot first in one direction, then in the other. It is also useful to pull the foot in the position of “ironing” or, conversely, pull it out like a ballerina.

After a foot massage, proceed to a shin massage. As usual, first warming up rubbing movements, then massaging circular movements, describing each muscle separately. Use the outside of your bent fingers for the massage.

Next, switch to the upper leg massage. It should be noted that the blood vessels are close enough to the skin on the inside of the knee, so this area cannot be stimulated to avoid bruising. During the upper leg massage, do not overlook the buttocks.

Even simple “kneading” movements will pleasantly relax your partner’s muscles. By the way, it is desirable to carry out such movements on all surface of a foot, vigorously, but beforehand having covered a foot with a terry towel. Firstly, this action will remove excess oil from the skin, and secondly, it will improve blood supply to the skin.

After the massage the partner will need some time to rest. After that, he can go up and thank you for the wonderful massage!

How do I massage my legs and feet on my own?

The easiest answer is to walk barefoot on pebbles or cuttings in the summer. Not only do these steps have a massaging effect on your feet, but you also get the energy of the earth in its purest form – this will have a positive effect not only on your health, but also on your mood.

If, however, summer has left only memories and tanning, and white flakes of snow fly outside the window, then you can do without other ways of self-massage.

Take a small wooden box of about 40x40cm, fill it with small smooth stones (ground water), peas or beans so that the bottom is completely covered. After that, get in the box barefoot and step from foot to foot until you feel that the pain of walking on the rocks has dulled. This massage is performed for about 10 minutes.

Another great way to massage yourself is to massage one foot with the other. This massage is very useful for those who suffer from flat feet, it also helps with bruises, sprains, gives stability to the foot. It is especially useful to carry out this self-massage in a hot bath, when the pores are open and the muscles are maximally heated.

For foot massage you can also buy special massagers, the meaning of which is to ride the foot on the surface with the navel wheels.
You can also bed in your shower cubicle a special massaging feet rug: the shower will relieve your tension, and a light foot massage will have a tonic effect on the whole body.

Joy yourself with foot and foot massage, it will bring you health and a charge of good mood!