Ever since I heard about the ancient Chinese foot reflexology On Zon Su, I have been immediately fascinated by this topic and wanted to get to know it in depth. For this purpose, I went to the On Zon Su massage course run by Lada Malinakova at the Warsaw Centre for Health Arts.

I knew that I was dealing with something absolutely extraordinary. I was enchanted by a fairytale message straight from ancient China, introduced us to the arcana of Taoist Eastern philosophy, on which the principles of ancient Chinese reflexology On Zon Su are based.

He Zon Su – who is this method for?

On Zon Su is a method designed for all those who are interested in reflexology as an art, who are interested in Chinese Medicine, who are looking for natural ways to preserve health for themselves and their loved ones.

It is a method for people who want to professionally massage their feet – to experience, practice and give gifts to others by serving them – by massaging their feet with due respect, anointing, devotion. The On Zon Su massage session has the characteristics of a ritual whose depth and multidimensionality surprised me both in the massage position and the person being massaged.

It is definitely a method of massage for those who are patient, able to get a longer focus, looking for involvement, tranquility and a huge, energetic power of communication.

Learning On Zon Su

By learning the method of On Zon Su we massage and are massaged, which gives us the opportunity to experience the massage from the perspective of the giver and the recipient. Relaxation but also focus, concentration and attention in the performance of individual activities interweave during one session giving a wide range of experiences, emotions, feelings, sensations and very individual reflections.

Learning this massage we get to know the maps according to which we massage. Western reflexology is based on one map, which is adjusted to the needs of the person being massaged.

During the On Zon Su massage session we massage according to specific – several maps (e.g. Map of Nine Palaces, Internal Landscape, Outdoor, North or East) which we select very individually, depending on the person we intend to massage (his or her energy and psychophysical condition, diseases he or she suffers, gender, body build and even place of residence).

On Zon Su – energy massage

Apart from the map selection, we also pay attention to the pressure, the principle “the harder the better” does not work here, the pain threshold in many people differs, it is a very individual issue.

Massage is a kind of energy exchange – we give but also receive in return, we take care that the massaged person feels comfortable and can accept in an atmosphere of security and trust what we have to offer the best for him/her. We do not want to cause pain and discomfort, what is important is satisfaction, sense of harmony and well-being of the person whom we are allowed to massage.

Apart from the obvious health benefits of massage using the On Zon Su method, it is worth mentioning the wonderful relaxation, relaxation that this massage brings.

Sometimes people fall asleep during the initial massage, describe the state of feeling it as “bliss”, allow themselves to “let go” of all the blockages, tensions and give themselves to the massage person to experience the soothing, calming, inner sense of order and harmony.

How to massage your feet using the On Zon Su method?

Practicing On Zon Su massage in such a way that it is also practicing some form of movement, energy – practicing the Qigong form, when we take the massaged person into energy circulation. There are certain rules of working with energy. We develop this understanding through our individual Tai Ki Kung practice and then try to realize it through massage.

These are principles such as:

  • fluidity of movement,
  • Variability of tempo,
  • the circularity of the movement,
  • to open joints to the flow of energy by working on the right body position,
  • of course, the participation of consciousness – focusing on what we do and on ourselves, developing an ever-increasing energy sensitivity.

I developed my knowledge about massage, as well as my own skills. Of course, the intensity of work on the massage itself during this time was different, as it happens in life. At the beginning, less intense, more myself I was subjected to the massage, I used, then very intensely massaged myself.