Did you know that the effects of CBD are felt faster and last longer depending on how you take it? If you want to consume medicine hemp, it is interesting to know that the way you consume it not only alters the amount of CBD your body will assimilate but also the time its benefits will last.

This particularity has to do with the way cannabinoids are released when they enter our body, how they are absorbed, how they are distributed throughout the body, inactivated and eliminated. It also has to do with the percentage that reaches the bloodstream, which is the transport system of the drug through our body.

In order to choose the right product for your specific case, we are going to explain the different ways of consumption, the percentage of cannabinoid you will absorb, the time it will take to notice the effects and how long they will last.

Inhaled Medical Hemp: Cigarettes and Vaporizers

The cigarette is the usual form of recreational hemp consumption. Cigarettes are strongly discouraged and even more so for therapeutic users. Their harmful effects are comparable to those of tobacco: they cause bronchitis, chronic coughing and the products of combustion (carbon monoxide, tar or ammonia are carcinogenic).

The other method of inhaled hemp consumption is vaporizers. Vaporizers allow the cannabinoids to take effect within minutes. The therapeutic benefit is immediate and very useful in pain spikes, nausea, inflammatory disease flare-ups, etc.

Inhalation is the method of consumption that allows the absorption of almost 25% of the cannabinoids. It is the safest, since thanks to the rapidity of the effects, overdoses are difficult to occur.

It is not recommended to treat chronic processes, since the duration of the effect is limited. In the same way that it is absorbed quickly, it is also eliminated in a short time. It is a very interesting way if you suffer from acute processes that require immediate relief.

Oral and sublingual hemp: edible products and oils

Here we include edible hemp products or those administered under the tongue. Compared to the previous one, this form of medical hemp consumption is slower but will have more prolonged effects.

It has been proven that only 15% of the percentage of compound indicated on the product is absorbed, so the effect will be less intense than with a vaporizer.

It is the best form of administration if you are a chronic patient who needs high levels of cannabinoids in the body continuously.

Hemp-based edibles present the greatest risk. It is difficult to know how long it will take for them to take effect and how strong the effect will be. They are also the most susceptible to overdose. With this system you will only absorb between 4 and 12% of cannabinoids, depending on each person.

Topical route. Hemp creams and ointments

Hemp creams and ointments are becoming increasingly popular. They are safe products and can even be found in the para pharmacy section of some hypermarkets.

Cannabinoids are absorbed slowly and long-lastingly through the skin. The maximum effect is reached after one and a half hours and lasts up to 48 hours. They are therefore interesting for the treatment of pain or localized and superficial inflammations and for skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, wounds, insect bites, etc.).

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