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TikTok is the new social network and application everyone is talking about. For those who do not know it, it is a platform that allows you to create, edit and share short videos. At the moment it has a mostly young audience and it is mainly used to make karaoke-style videos, both with music themes and movie audios.

The growth of TikTok is dizzying. It currently has 500 million active users and is present in 154 countries, in 75 languages. The fact that it is such a popular and trendy application has led many to look for ways to buy followers (called “fans” in TikTok) and likes (in the form of “hearts”) to grow their accounts and become the newest influencers of this platform.

How to buy followers and likes

One of the attractions of buying followers and likes or hearts is the fact that the prices are affordable. On the Buy TikTok Followers website, one of the cheapest, we found that 10,000 followers cost $60, while we can get 100,000 followers for only $430. If you want, you can start with something less ambitious, since the minimum amount you can buy is 100 followers for only $2.

To obtain the followers or likes you only need to provide the address of the account where you want the followers, or the publication where you want the likes or hearts, and they are received within hours. Those who trade TikTok followers are able to provide up to 350 thousand followers for one account, which is impossible on other platforms.

We have tested these services on a new TikTok account by buying 4,700 fans and 4,700 likes. The results can be seen below. The name and profile picture of the account have been hidden. Although in the published video we see that the exact amount purchased was added, in the fans or followers section we are surprised that we received a much higher amount. No less than 1,400 extra fans.

Why you buy popularity

A particularity of TikTok is that when you enter the application, the first thing you’ll see are featured videos, posted by accounts with many followers and generally are videos that have many likes. This means that the more followers and likes we have, the more TikTok will recommend our posts to other users. So buying followers and likes will have an immediate benefit to our account in terms of visibility and reach.

Another reason why you are buying followers and likes in TikTok is because, as social networks grow, they improve their controls, and it becomes more and more difficult to buy and sell followers. It is when platforms are new that people take the opportunity to buy followers in quantity. On more mature platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, buying followers is much more difficult, and it is not possible to acquire so many.

Beyond the particularities of TikTok, it is common to buy fictional popularity on social networks for various reasons. Some want to avoid the embarrassment of having a minimal amount. Others find that it is difficult to start an account from scratch, and that growth becomes easier once you have a minimal follower base.

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